IOC working on return of Russians

When will the Russian flag be waved again at the Olympics?
Image: dpa

Currently, the IOC recommends banning Russian athletes from the competition. But it apparently wants to enable participation in the games in Paris. They want to unite the world “in peaceful competition”.

WWhile new victims of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine are becoming known every day and the number of possible war crimes by the invaders cannot be foreseen, this is working International Olympic Committee apparently working to enable Russian athletes to participate in the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

That I.O.C I raised the issue with the national Olympic committees, the German Olympic Sports Confederation confirmed to the sports information service. An IOC spokesman told the "Inside the Games" portal that the IOC must "ensure the autonomy of sport".

It is a "dilemma" that some states do not allow competitions by Russian athletes on their territory or competitions against Russian athletes. This prevents us from "fulfilling our mission to unite the world in peaceful competition".

For the time being, the recommendation to exclude Russian athletes is maintained. "At the same time, we will step up our efforts to explain our dilemma and emphasize the unifying power of sport," the IOC said.

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