Investigators suspect Iran as the mastermind behind synagogue attacks in North Rhine-Westphalia

Hinter the attacks on synagogues in North Rhine-Westphalia The Iranian Revolutionary Guards should be in place in mid-November, the ARD political magazine Contrasts reported, citing investigators. The mastermind is said to be Ramin Y., a police and public prosecutor in North Rhine-Westphalia known from other serious criminal contexts German-Iranians, who fled to Iran in 2021. The FAZ reported a week ago that the investigators were not ruling out government interference by Iran. Now it was said from security circles that this lead is being pursued with high pressure, as described by “Contrasts”. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office is considering taking over the case from the previously investigating terror department of the Düsseldorf Public Prosecutor’s Office.

On the night of November 17-18, a man shot at the rabbi’s house of the elderly synagogue fired in Essen. A little later there was an unsuccessful arson attack on the Bochum synagogue. Shortly after this act, a 35-year-old German-Iranian was arrested. He is said to have previously tried to win another accomplice for an arson attack on the synagogue in Dortmund. This person is said to have refused and went to the police.

President of the Central Council of Jews should be spied on

The security authorities are said to suspect Ramin Y. of being behind the attacks. According to the report by “Contrasts”, investigators suspect that he was from Iran leads an operational command for attacks in Germany for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The ARD magazine quoted an investigator as saying: “We are talking about state terrorism here.” There is also said to be an increased threat situation for the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster. The group around Ramin Y. wanted to spy on Schuster.

Born in Mönchengladbach in 1988, Ramin Y. was, among other things, the manager of a brothel in Leverkusen and initially active in the Bandidos rocker club. Together with club brothers, he is said to have fatally injured several members of the enemy Hells Angels in early 2012. At the end of 2012, Ramin Y. went over to the Hells Angels with his entire Bandidos chapter, which is why a brutal rocker war broke out on the Lower Rhine.

A particularly gruesome crime occurred in 2014 when Hells Angels rocker Kai M. was shot and his body dismembered. The Hells Angels are said to have suspected M. of revealing their club’s secrets to investigators during the rock war at the time. Ramin Y. is suspected of having been involved in the murder of Kai M. He is wanted on an international arrest warrant.

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