Investigations against Mannheim police officers stopped

Vfour months after the death of a man following a police operation in Manheim the preliminary proceedings against an official have been discontinued.

The police officer acted in self-defense when he shot the man in the leg, the public prosecutor's office in the Baden-Württemberg city announced on Tuesday. Ultimately, the thirty-one-year-old died as a result of extensive blood loss from knife wounds he had inflicted on himself.

The police officer was called with a colleague in May to an apartment in Mannheim, where he met the thirty-one-year-old.

At the time, the man was in a mental state of emergency and held a large kitchen knife in his hand. He also had a wound on his neck.

After the thirty-one-year-old ignored the officer's requests to put down the knife and the pepper spray used had no effect either, the police officer shot the man in the thigh. According to the investigation, the shot did not hit any important vessels.

Immediately afterwards, the man stabbed himself in the neck, which the inquest found to be fatal. He died at home due to severe blood loss.

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