Investigations after the death of Rolf Heller

Rolf Heller in January 2000
Image: picture alliance / dpa

Former Eintracht Frankfurt president Rolf Heller died on October 23. Now it is in the room that he could have been the victim of a violent crime.

IHas Rolf Heller become the victim of a violent crime? The former president of Frankfurt Eintracht died on October 23 – now the Erfurt public prosecutor is investigating his death. This is reported by the “Hessenschau”. Heller was 76 years old and last lived in Weimar. That’s why it’s the turn of the Thuringian prosecutors.

According to the report, they are investigating an alleged homicide crime – in this case murder or manslaughter. There are two accused. It is therefore open who it is. According to the public prosecutor’s office, no arrest warrants were issued against the accused because so far there was only initial suspicion.

It is also said that relatives of Heller’s had contacted the prosecutors after his death. The public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt was initially unavailable by phone on Saturday.

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