Interview with Robin Gosens about his role in the national team – Sport

Interview with Robin Gosens about his role in the national team – Sport

Robin Gosens’ star rose at the 2021 European Championships, and he missed the 2022 World Cup. He wants to be back in the national team for the 2024 European Championship. A conversation about the most difficult phase of his career so far, dealing with criticism and his psychology studies.

Interviewed by

Sebastian Fisher

Robin Gosens, 14-time German national player, is spending the current international match period in Italy. A calf injury forces him to take a short break from recent games with his club Inter Milan he missed: entering the Champions League quarter-finals in the second leg against FC Porto and a 0-1 draw against Juventus Turin. Before that, however, he played three times in a row from the start, it was probably the best phase since moving from Atalanta Bergamo in January 2022, which started a difficult year for him: in 2021 he missed the surprise in the national team squad at the European Championship after a long injury break and a complicated start in Milan, the World Cup in Qatar. Among other things, this is what the conversation with the SZ is about, which he leads on the phone while driving from training to Bergamo, where he still lives with his family. “My wife and I sometimes catch ourselves thinking that we’ll settle down here later,” says Gosens, 28. “Regardless of that, I still have the dream of playing in the Bundesliga.” Before that, he wants to return to the national team.

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