Interview with Martí Perarnau: “Gerd Müller was a false nine!” – Sport

Interviewed by

Javier Caceres

A few days ago, Josep Guardiola, 51, pointed out his team’s innovative tactics Manchester City addressed. Guardiola disagreed. “If you read Martí Perarnau’s book, you will see that we are only doing what was done in ancient times,” he replied. Perarnau, 67, was an athlete at a young age and took part in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow as a high jumper. In Spain, Perarnau then gained a great reputation as a journalist and author. His most successful titles include specialist books about Guardiola, in Germany they appeared under the titles “Herr Pep” and “Das Deutschland-Tagbuch”. Perarnau’s most recent, 748-page work, on the other hand, is only available in Spanish: “La evolución táctica del fútbol (1863 – 1945)”, the tactical development of football from 1863 to 1945. Subtitle: “Deciphering the genetic code of football using the false nine”. SZ reached Perarnau in Mexico, where his daughter Marta is currently playing in the first women’s soccer league for Atlético San Luis.

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