Interview with John Malkovich about his film Shattered

Mr. Malkovich, I checked the Internet Movie Database encyclopedia: there are 140 titles listed under your name as an actor, and eleven under that of Lilly Krug, the lead actress in your most recent film, Shattered.

Bertram Eisenhauer

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(laughs) Well, she’s young.

Clear. As a veteran of the film business, when you work with such young colleagues, do they sometimes ask you for tips on crafts or career planning?

Yes, sure, that happens from time to time. Especially if you are interested in working internationally. But I also think acting is a business where you can hardly give reliable advice. I always say: the camera likes what it likes; you have no influence on that. Either the camera likes you – then it will probably work. Or she just doesn’t like you – then (laughs) you will not have a very happy career.

You play a supporting role on “Shattered” and are listed as a producer. How did you get involved in this project in the first place? I suppose, Veronica Ferres – the mother of Lilly Krug – has something to do with it.

Yes, the two main producers of the film, Veronica and Claudia Bluemhuber, are both old friends of mine. About a year before we started filming, they came to me with the project, said Lilly was going to be the lead, and asked me to do it. Mainly because they had never produced a film in America. I said: I will help wherever I can.

Had you met Lilly Krug before filming began?

Oh yes, I’ve known her since she was a little baby. I’ve known Veronica for a very long time. We did a small film together in 1999 that wasn’t very successful, Ladies Room, we were both in a French TV adaptation of Les Misérables, Casanova Variations and Klimt. We have always been in contact and I also know Lilly’s father Martin.

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