Interview on protests in Iran: “There is no compulsion in belief” – Politics

Old and young, left and conservative, Muslim and non-Muslim take to the streets in Iran. A conversation with the expert Katajun Amirpur about the symbolic power of the headscarf and the question of whether things could get tight for the regime.

Interviewed by

Dunya Ramadan

Some are already saying the end of the Islamic Republic Iran ahead, others warn against too much euphoria and the brutality of the regime. One thing is certain: the violent death of the Kurdish-born Mahsa Jina Amini triggered the unimaginable. The 22-year-old was arrested by the vice squad because the hijab was too loose, and she died on September 16 under circumstances that are still unclear. Since then, courageous women have been taking to the streets without a headscarf, declaring war on the symbol of the Shiite theocracy. The Islam scholar Katajun Amirpur talks about what the protests mean for Iran – and whether things could get tight for the regime.

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