Internet in many cases worse than agreed

Dhe domestic Internet still has major deficits in thousands of cases. From mid-December to the end of June, around 22,000 measurements were made with the broadband measurement app Federal Network Agency was completed, almost exclusively a reduction claim was determined, the Bonn authority said when asked by the dpa.

Said right to a price reduction exists if the Internet is worse than contractually agreed. There are specifications for maximum, minimum and normally available bandwidth. With the desktop app, consumers can check whether their contract delivers what it promises.

The legally binding measurement option has been available since mid-December. The procedure is time-consuming with 30 tests over several days – only then is a measurement – also called a “measurement campaign” – completed. The measurement logs do not state how high the price reduction should be. Consumers need to clarify this with their providers. A new computer from the consumer advice center should help with this. The number of measurements has recently been declining. According to the network agency, around 15,000 measurement campaigns were completed in the first two and a half months, and now after six and a half months there are around 22,000.

37 million internet connections in Germany

Consumer advocate Felix Flosbach finds the declining use regrettable. He also attributes this to the fact that the measuring tool is awkward to use. “This is a hurdle that is too high for many consumers – even though their internet at home is lousy.” In addition, the claim for a reduction is not yet well known enough, so many citizens do not yet know about this possibility, says Flosbach. “Within six months, it was officially established that around 22,000 Internet connections were worse than contractually agreed – that’s no small number.”

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