"Interior Minister wants to govern in the Hessian LKA"

DThe opposition in the state parliament considers the fact that the President of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office is classified as a political civil servant to be unconstitutional. According to the AfD parliamentary group, there are now also opposition to the relevant law passed by the black-green majority last year SPD and FDP submitted a norm control application to the Hessian State Court.

From the point of view of the opposition, it is politically explosive because the state government is the former LKA President Sabine Thurau dismissed, but she successfully resisted and was able to carry out her function until her retirement last year.

According to the new law, which only applies to the next incumbent, the interior minister can dismiss the LKA president at any time without giving reasons. His appointment is not preceded by an advertisement or by the health test required for life officials. Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) has created a new opportunity to “govern through” in the authority, criticized the chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Günter Rudolph, and the spokesman for domestic policy FDPStefan Müller, on Wednesday.

Who can become a political officer

Beuth argues that in the case of the LKA President, it is particularly important that he fully agrees with the basic political goals of the state government. In order to guarantee internal security, it must therefore be possible, if necessary, to replace it without wasting time.

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