Interior Minister suspects left-wing extremists behind arson attack

In Leipzig there was an arson attack on the company premises of the real estate company Vonovia early Tuesday morning. About a dozen delivery vans and vans burned out, some of them completely. The investigators had secured the first traces and searched for the perpetrators with a police helicopter and with the help of the federal police, said the State Criminal Police Office. According to previous knowledge, one assumes intentional arson. It was “considerable property damage” incurred, the exact amount is still being determined.

Stephen Locke

Correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia based in Dresden.

Because the company in Leipzig is not the first time arson attacks affected, the police counter-terrorism and anti-extremism center took over the investigation. “You can already see how we think about the matter,” said Saxony’s Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) on Tuesday in Dresden. “Not wanting to rule out a political motivation here would be an understatement.” Schuster suspects the perpetrators to be in the left-wing extremist scene in Leipzig, which has repeatedly committed similar attacks in the past. After months of relative calm, these crimes seem to be on the rise again.

Just last week, two excavators belonging to a construction company from East Saxony, which has also often been the target of left-wing extremist attacks, went up in flames on a construction site in Leipzig. The investigators estimated the damage at 375,000 euros. At the beginning of November, left-wing extremists allegedly claimed responsibility for attacks on two Leipzig companies on the Indymedia Internet platform, which, among other things, supply security technology for prisons. “Our hearts burn for all the rebels in the dungeons of the state who continue their fight,” it said.

The hope that the focus of the left-wing extremist scene would no longer be so concentrated on Leipzig since the trial of four of its protagonists was perhaps premature, said Schuster. The Dresden Higher Regional Court has been hearing for a year against the alleged ringleader Lina E. and three men who are accused of forming a left-wing extremist criminal organization. They are said to have attacked political dissidents and those they believed to be politically dissident, seriously injuring several people.

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