Inter in the Supercup against Milan: Shrill anthems for Edin Dzeko

At first it all looked like one of those ideas, the Italian Soccer expose yourself. Whereby: idea? In the summer of 2021, Inter Milan’s Tifosi had considerable doubts as to whether that was the right term or rather a nasty misnomer, because you’ve seen it a number of times in Calcio. Inter were looking for a new striker at the time, as a huge gap had just opened up in their squad, and it was no coincidence that they found one on the domestic market.

After all, there are good contacts, the telephone lines are short. The profile of the player that was presented to the fans, but nobody really picked up: too old, too sluggish, too old school. And above all: four too expensive to maintain. At least that’s what it was called back then, in the summer of 2021.

Well, the critics should have run out of arguments by Wednesday evening at the latest. Because that was when the Italian Supercup was played in Riyadh (yes, that’s right: in Saudi Arabia and in a stadium that looked like a huge Bedouin tent). Inter against city rivals AC Milan, a duel for prestige and quite a few petro dollars.

The dominant figure was once again the man whose signing from league rivals AS Roma hardly anyone supported: Edin Dzeko, 37 years old in March, an old friend from the Bundesliga. Inter triumphed 3-0 this time, and the old masters in particular shone. Dzeko was the passer before the first goal, the second he scored after a casual hip wiggle with a powerful shot into the corner. For a change, Dzeko received a standing ovation and the Man of the Match award after the final whistle.

One learns: Tiredness with old age does not arise simply because it is constantly claimed. In any case, the Italian newspapers praised Dzeko with almost shrill hymns of praise. “His performance was complete and shot through with greed, as is his hunger for success,” said the Milanese Gazzetta dello Sport: “What is there to hesitate about the contract extension?”

Dzeko’s working paper expires at the end of the season, the mood among the Inter-Tifosi has changed enormously with regard to his person: Maybe a longer-term commitment wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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