Initial jobless claims in the US are increasing significantly

unemployed in the US

In the US, 219,000 people filed initial claims for unemployment benefits in August.

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Washington The situation on the US labor market clouded over somewhat in the past week. The number of initial jobless claims rose by 29,000 to 219,000, the Department of Labor said in Washington on Thursday. In historical comparison, however, the number remains low. Economists polled by Reuters had only expected 203,000 applications.

The initial jobless claims are considered a short-term indicator of the development of the American labor market. Despite the economic downturn, many companies are currently complaining about a shortage of workers.

Stands on Friday the government labor market report, which includes jobs in the public sector in addition to jobs in the private sector. Economists polled by Reuters expect nonfarm payrolls to grow by 250,000 in September, up from 315,000 in August.

The US Federal Reserve fed orients itself in its monetary policy strongly to the development on the American labour market. It has used the solid labor market as an argument against a deep recession and is trying to get high inflation under control by raising interest rates sharply.

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