Infineon – The second quarter went much better than expected

Infineon – The second quarter went much better than expected

Munich At the chip company Infineon is this The quarter that is coming to an end went much better than expected. This applies above all to the core business with the automotive sector and industry. The company therefore raised its expectations for the entire financial year (as of the end of September) on Tuesday evening.

Group sales in 2022/23 will be well above the previously expected EUR 15 to 16 billion Infineon with. The prerequisite for this is a dollar-euro exchange rate of 1.05 for the remainder of the financial year. This will also have a positive effect on the operating return on sales (segment result margin).

In the second quarter (January to March), Infineon’s sales should be more than four billion euros; The company had previously promised 3.9 billion. The margin will also be higher than planned: instead of 25 percent, it should be close to the 30 percent mark.

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