Infidelity: There is an age when people are more likely to cheat

Infidelity: There is an age when people are more likely to cheat

Cheating statistics are increasing: There is an age when people cheat particularly often


The risk of cheating is always there, but as you get older it increases

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Anyone who wants to cheat can of course do so at any age. Statistically, however, there is a period of life in which infidelity accumulates.

It’s not the very young who can’t keep themselves in check, or the older people who want to do it again. The age group that cheats particularly often is in the middle of life. Studies have been able to find out when you are most vulnerable to external stimuli.

The tide has turned in the last few decades. Studies from 2020 show that women are now more likely to cheat than men. But with both sexes it can be seen that there is also a infidelity-peak there. Between the ages of thirty and forty, people cheat particularly often. In the late thirties, forbidden outside fun reaches its peak.

Infidelity: In your thirties you ask yourself more questions about the meaning of life

The reason for the cheating high in the thirties is said to be life experience. You are at an age when you have already experienced one or the other thing and have usually already achieved something professionally. Between the ages of thirty and forty, the question arises: Was that it with the fun and the new things? Is it now possible to retire seamlessly with your dog, house, children, etc., until death do us part? Such thoughts quickly turn into a fling or an affair.

Overall and across all age groups and genders, however, there is a frightening trend. A few years ago, in 2012, according to the dating platform ElitePartner, every fifth person in a relationship cheated. This number has almost halved in recent years, and now it is one in three people who have been unfaithful at some point in their life.

A frightening realization that gives an idea of ​​where the trend will go in the coming years.

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