Increasing number of cases: monkeypox vaccine is becoming scarce in some cases

Increasing number of cases: monkeypox vaccine is becoming scarce in some cases

Dhe number of monkeypox cases in Europe continues to rise vaccine however, is no longer sufficient in several countries. In Germany, more than 3,000 cases were reported for the first time, as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Wednesday. The total of 3025 patients are mostly men. Eight women, two male adolescents and a four-year-old girl are also affected. The disease is transmitted through close physical contact, according to the RKI so far especially during sexual activities between men. In principle, however, anyone who has close contact with other people can become infected.

Belgium reported for the first time monkey pox in a woman, as the Sciensano health authority announced on Wednesday. According to the latest data, 546 cases of monkeypox were confirmed there. In the country with more than 11 million inhabitants, people recently drove across the border to Lille in France to get a vaccination, the Belga news agency reported.

Production capacity for vaccination tunnels is to be increased

According to Health Minister François Braun, France has enough vaccine to vaccinate the target group of 250,000 people. Another 30,000 cans have been ordered in Belgium and are scheduled for delivery from October. To get the best possible protection, you need to be vaccinated twice.

A total of 163,620 vaccine doses are available across the EU for health emergencies via the new EU authority Hera, some of which have already been distributed to the member states. A spokesman for the EU Commission pointed out on Tuesday that the production capacities for the vaccine were limited. Talks are currently being held with the companies concerned to clarify how capacity can be increased. Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke said the issue would have to be discussed at the next meeting with his EU counterparts.

The vaccine used against monkeypox is also becoming scarce in Great Britain. The broadcaster Sky News reported on Wednesday, citing insider sources, that the country only had a few thousand cans left in stock. In some regions it is no longer possible to book vaccination appointments. The Financial Times quoted a government letter saying new deliveries are not expected before September.

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