Ina Müller and Johannes Oerding have split up

Ina Müller and Johannes Oerding have split up

Dhe TV presenter Ina Mueller (57) and the musician Johannes Oerding (41) have split up. “A lot has changed in both of our lives and we’ve been going our separate ways for some time,” said Oerding on Thursday of the German Press Agency. They remain on friendly terms and continue to enjoy working together, according to Oerding.

Ina Müller’s management made an almost identical statement when asked. Oerding and Müller have been in a relationship since 2011. They got to know each other when Oerding, who was still quite unknown at the time, appeared on Müller’s show “Ina’s Nacht” in 2009.

The couple is said to have always lived in separate apartments and played a lot together. They also released music together. In 2019, the jointly written and sung song “… Ich hab dich nicht zu verlier’n” was released on Johannes Oerding’s album “Konturen”. The song boasts heartbreaking lines like “I won’t let you control my heart / No more love songs I’ll write for you” – and feels almost prophetic in the face of the breakup.

The interview with the musician took place as part of Oerding’s ICE tour, which started in Münster in the morning and ended in Ulm in the evening. Oerding (“On good days”) is also known for the TV shows “Sing meine Song” and “The Voice of Germany”. Ina Müller has been moderating the late-night show “Inas Nacht” on the first channel for 16 years and regularly goes on tour with her songs.

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