In the sign of the puffer fish: Michael A. Grimm. - Sports

SZ: Sport is...

Michael A. Grimm: ...delightful, like fugu (Japanese delicacy made from poisonous puffer fish, which can be fatal if prepared incorrectly, ed.).

Your current fitness level?

Macabre to bearable.

Rim upswing or stopover?

I can do the latter, I'm still practicing the former.

Physical education class was for you?

A gift of time to think.

Your personal record?

7.3kg Mustard.

Stadium visitors or TV athletes?

Practitioner of course.

Bavaria or sixty?

Rather SC Munich, better TS Jahn.

Your eternal sports idol?

Anderl Ostler, of course! So as far as sport is concerned. (The obese bobsledder, innkeeper and folk musician from Grainau was world champion and came first in Oslo in 1952 Olympic champion for the Federal Republic, but also got through private escapades in the headlines, d. editorial)

A formative experience?

My first rim upswing, profoundly formative.

In which discipline would you be an Olympic champion?

In Gscheid-Daherreden.

Which athlete would you like to swap jerseys with?

I'm hesitating between Gary Anderson, Alfred Gislason and Torbjörn Blomdahl (darts player, handball coach, billiards player, ed.).

Under the heading "Formality" the SZ asks people about their affinity for sport every week. Artists, politicians, captains of industry - just no athletes. It would be boring.

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