In the future, topless swimming will be allowed every day in Göttingen's swimming pools

A piece of clothing that needs to be worn? In Göttingen, women are allowed to sunbathe without a bikini top.
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After a long debate, all visitors have been allowed to swim shirtless since May – but only on weekends. In the future, this should be possible in municipal swimming pools every day.

In Goettingen, in future, all visitors will be able to go bare-chested in swimming pools every day. Since May, this has only been possible on weekends in the four municipal swimming pools. The city's sports committee had now voted in favor of the regulation. "The vast majority of bathers found the option good," said a city spokesman on Friday.

The trigger for the decision was a person who sees himself neither as a woman nor as a man. In August 2021 she therefore went swimming topless. The swimming pool saw her as a woman and therefore spoke of a violation of the bathing regulations.

Afterwards there were many debates in the city. According to the city, there have been no significant incidents in the affected pools since the "topless rule". An estimated four to five people would have used the regulations per bathing day.

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