In return, Spahn offers a speed limit for longer Akw running times

Dhe is deputy chairman of the Union faction Jens Spahn (CDU) has offered the federal government the introduction of a speed limit on motorways for a temporary extension of the operating times of nuclear power plants. If the Greens said they were doing half a year longer with nuclear energy, “then I think we should also be able to talk about the speed limit,” said Spahn on Monday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. “That would then be a compromise, a national one.”

The Union agrees speed limit so far. Spahn also said that a speed limit makes a “relatively small difference in energy consumption”. But as a politician he could not say that there should be no taboos and ideologies and that all options should be on the table. Therefore, no “ban on thinking” should be set up for the speed limit. A “good, common package” is necessary, where everyone has to jump over their shadow. At the weekend, the CDU chairman in the climate protection committee, Thomas Gebhart, and party deputy Andreas Jung had already shown themselves open to a temporary speed limit.

A general speed limit has been the subject of bitter arguments for years. As a result of the Ukraine war, it has now come back into focus – as a possible contribution to saving energy. In the traffic light coalition, the FDP is opposed to such a limit, which it had already rejected in the coalition negotiations. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) recently said: “This government has not agreed on that, and that’s why it’s not happening.”

FDP does not want “horse trading”

FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr rejected a “horse trade” to introduce a speed limit. Dürr told the German Press Agency on Monday: “We must do everything we can to close the impending gas gap. Extending the run times of nuclear power plants can make a significant contribution to this, but not the speed limit. If we keep the nuclear power plants connected to the grid longer, we save gas – because we prevent scarce gas resources from being used to generate electricity. Regrettably, petrol and diesel from the filling station do nothing to relieve the strained energy market. So this horse-trading would not lead to securing the supply in winter.”

Dürr said he had a lot of understanding that the Greens in particular were struggling with extending the term. “But it’s not about reopening ideological debates about nuclear power, it’s just about a temporary measure to save gas.”

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