Imposter Anna Sorokin is released

OWithout social media, but no longer in custody: A court in New York has the German-Russian imposter Anna Sorokin allowed to exchange the prison cell for house arrest with electronic ankle bracelets, while legally defending herself against extradition to Germany.

No access to social platforms

The judges also ordered the 31-year-old to abstain from Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Since the Netflix film adaptation of her life story entitled “Inventing Anna”, the native Russian, who grew up in Eschweiler in North Rhine-Westphalia, has gathered more than a million followers on social media under her pseudonym Anna Delvey. She also offered her rather crude drawings for sale via Instagram.

After Sorokin settled into new York when an allegedly multimillion-dollar heiress spent to defraud acquaintances, banks and companies, she was sentenced to at least four years behind bars in spring 2019.

A few weeks after the early release in early 2021, Sorokin was arrested again because she could not produce a visa for the United States.

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