Illegal fencing in Leipzig: duels in the brown boys

Illegal fencing in Leipzig: duels in the brown boys

A student fraternity has announced an illegal duel. It could take place at the Germania fraternity, which is considered a suspected right-wing extremist.

A man wears a uniform, a close-up of the sword

In February 2023, two duelists were badly injured in a duel Photo: imago

In Leipzig, the student fraternity Saxonia Dresden wants to hold a duel of honor with a “North German Pennalie”. “Dear gentlemen weapons students,” writes the inviter in internal chats. All those who are “interested” are invited “to the hatz” with the student fraternity on Saturday. Fencing should be based on the “Linzer Pauk- und Ehrenordnung” (LPO).

The 26-page Austrian set of rules states on page 1: “The honor of arms, ie the right to demand and give satisfaction, is owned by secondary school students who have reached the age of 14, as well as all persons who are subject to the ‘General Code of Honour’ awards honor in arms”. In the German regulations, a “Hatz” is referred to as a “Pro Patria Suite”. This fraternity term stands for a mensur form, i.e. traditional fencing. However, duels for “honor” are punishable. German student associations like to refer to the rules from Austria.

The Saxonia Dresden student fraternity, which was founded in 2020, only wants to specify the place and time of the “Hatz” after registration. Student fraternities have their own houses less often than student fraternities. The duel should therefore probably be held in a beating student fraternity in Leipzig, such as the Germania fraternity. She was noticed in 2022 with racist prepper activities, she was in September by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified as a suspected right-wing extremist.

According to its own information, Saxonia is in the process of setting up its own premises in Dresden. The connection advertises specifically on Instagram: “Are you a student in Dresden and the surrounding area and are you looking for an environment away from the politically correct everyday school life? Then write to us!”

Seriously Injured Duelists

In the summer of 2022, the student association was taken up by the extreme right-wing umbrella organization “Allgemeiner Pennälerring”. In February 2023, she took part in an extreme right-wing commemoration of the bombing of Dresden on February 13 and 14, 1945.

In the internal chats, Saxonia Dresden is still looking for an “impartial person” for “Hatz”, who must have played three “drawing games on LPO”. Individual gentlemen are wondering whether the term “hatz” is appropriate. “Well, if you’re fishing for LPO, you can also say Hatz,” replies a chat participant.

The “Linzer Pauk- und Ehrenordnung” (Linzer Pauk- und Ehrenordnung) specifies exactly when a “Hatz” may and must be carried out. “If a weapons student association was insulted by another and a peaceful settlement was not possible (…), then the insulted association has to grunt to the offending one,” it says. “Foreign” or “local affairs of honor” carried out by corporations are a “hunt”. Anyone who is “exposed” in a hunt cannot resign “without compelling reason”.

The public prosecutor’s office in Nuremberg-Fürth has been investigating since February because of a bloody duel between the Erlangen fraternity Germania and the gymnastics club Munichia Bayreuth. In the house of Germania they fought a “Pro Patria Suite”, two duelists were seriously injured. Two fraternity members aged 25 and 28 are being investigated for dangerous bodily harm.

The beating corporations now fear a social debate about the scale. Her motto: close ranks and be silent. A Protestant military dean from the Bundeswehr’s “Internal Leadership Center” in Koblenz also recommended “keep the ball flat”. He has been an “Erlangen Germane” for 35 years.

According to the Autonomous Antifa Freiburg, the military dean is on duty in Prishtina with the 64th German contingent KFOR (the NATO security force Kosovo Force) and reported on other fraternities on site. A spokeswoman for Autonomous Antifa says the military dean reveals “in passing an unofficial circle of corporate officers of NATO’s Kosovo Force from Germany, Austria and Switzerland”.

The Autonomen Antifa Freiburg first noticed the chats. The recommendation from the fighting connections not to put any pictures or comments online has not yet reached some brothers in arms. “I want to be in the screenshot,” pleaded one corporate.

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