Ilka Bessin: “You don’t always have to be in a good mood walking around”

Ilka Bessin
“You don’t always have to walk around in a good mood”

Ilka Bessin as a guest in Johann Lafers "Pleasure podcast".

Ilka Bessin as a guest in Johann Lafer’s “Genusspodcast”.

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For Ilka Bessin there is no reason to justify bad days. In Lafer’s podcast she has tips for teary evenings.

comedian Ilka Bessin (50), currently on tour with her show “Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers”, doesn’t like it when people pretend. In Johann Lafer’s (65) “Genusspodcast – Lafer & Friends” the 50-year-old said: “It can also be that you have a bad day. You can say that too.”

The artist who Cindy from Marzahn became famous, added: “You don’t always have to walk through life in a good mood. You can also say: I’m really crappy today.” She also said: “We should stop justifying ourselves for things.”

Elsewhere, Bessin, who was unemployed for three years before her breakthrough as a comedian, spoke about low points: she thinks you can “give up sometimes”. At the time, she also said, “I’m not in the mood for this shitty life anymore because I don’t know what to do and where to go”. Her experience: “In the worst situations, someone always comes along to give you a hand,” says Bessin. “It doesn’t matter how deep down you are…” You just have to realize at that moment “that you have to take your hand too. And sometimes we feel too bad about that because we think we’ll manage it.” She also doesn’t think it’s a bad thing if you “cry one evening until your eyes look like a tadpole’s”. your tip in Johann Lafers “Genusspodcast”: “Then eat something delicious. And the next day, you can be sure that the sun will shine. Because: When you’re at the bottom, it can’t go any lower.”

Career in TV and on stage

Ilka Bessin came up with her alter ego Cindy from Marzahn at the beginning of the millennium and had a steep career after appearances in the “Quatsch Comedy Club”. From 2009 and for a total of four years, she ran her show “Cindy aus Marzahn & Die Junge Wilden” on RTL. After that, the cult figure even stood alongside Markus Lanz (53) in “Wetten, dass ..?”. Perhaps the most amazing milestone: In 2014 she appeared on New York’s Broadway with the program “Pink is bjutiful”.

About two years later, Bessin announced that it wanted to retire Cindy from Marzahn. Shortly thereafter, she appeared on TV for the first time without a disguise and as herself. In August 2022 she returned to her old role for an RTL format and stood in front of the camera for four episodes of the “Cindy aus Marzahn Show”.


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