Hurricane Ian: Donald Trump’s grandchildren play outside during the storm

Hurricane Ian
‘For resilience’: Donald Trump’s grandchildren play outside during storm

Lara Trump (archive image)

Lara Trump polarizes on social media (stock image)

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Ex-US President Donald Trump often polarized with his views. But his daughter-in-law Lara Trump is now being attacked on social media. The reason is their Instagram postings, which show that their children have to play outside during the hurricane.

Hurricane “Ian” is raging in the USA and has already claimed dozens of lives. Houses were destroyed and entire areas cut off from the power supply. But Lara Trump’s children are said to be playing outside during the storm.

The daughter-in-law of ex-US President Donald Trump writes on Instagram: “And here is my daughter having fun in the rain. Curtain up for the crazy people”. There is a picture of three-year-old Carolina standing in the rain in a pink top with spaghetti straps, soaking wet. Some followers don’t find this funny. In the comments there are clearly critical comments, such as: “How terrible” or “poor child”. But supporters are also shown under the post. “A little rain can’t hurt,” is the tenor.

Trump also posted a video of her five-year-old son Eric on her Instagram page. In the recordings, her child drives through the completely empty streets of a housing estate on a toy excavator. The boy is completely soaked and rubs his eyes throughout the clip as if he’s going to cry or at least get a lot of rain in his eyes.

Donald Trump’s grandchildren have to play in the hurricane rain

But Lara Trump even thinks it’s funny and writes about the video: “We’re doing something for personal development here.” Here were more horrified comments: “Can’t you see your child is crying?” or “Looks like child abuse”. A user comments laconically: “He will still need the excavator to fill sandbags against the coming flood”. Trump left the critical comments uncommented.

Lara Trump used to work as a TV presenter and was later a campaign advisor to ex-US President Donald Trump. The 39-year-old has been married to Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, since 2014. The couple have two children together.

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