How things will continue after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

ffor the death of Queen Elizabeth II after seven decades on the throne, preparations were long in progress in the UK. It is well known that a plan has existed for years under the code word "Operation London Bridge" with a detailed, prepared sequence of events. In the event that the monarch dies in Scotland, there is another plan called "Operation Unicorn".

"Unicorn" is the English word for "unicorn", the heraldic animal of Scotland. Elizabeth II died there on Thursday afternoon at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle. All of her close relatives had previously rushed to the Queen's summer residence.

The death message

Parts of "Operation London Bridge" have already been implemented. British broadcasters interrupted their programs for news of the death and obituaries of Elizabeth II. BBC presenters appeared in black.

The royal family's website - - broke the news with a picture of the queen at a young age against a black background. The flags at Buckingham Palace in London were set at half-staff. All political activities have been suspended for the time being.

The day after

According to the "Operation London Bridge" plan, a special body, the Accession Council, is to meet the morning after the death of the Queen and heir to the throne Prince Charles declare him the new king. The Queen's eldest son has announced that he will take the name Charles III as King. will lead. The proclamation is delivered by the senior herald, the Garter King of Arms. Half a dozen heralds then travel by carriage to Trafalgar Square and then to the Stock Exchange to read out the message.

The further procedure

According to information from the Scottish newspaper The Herald, huge crowds are expected in Scotland to mourn the death of the Queen. It is clear that the Scottish Parliament, "the neighboring Holyroodhouse Palace and St. Giles Cathedral will be the focal points". Holyroodhouse is the Queen's official residence in Edinburgh. A book of condolences will be laid out in the neighboring parliament building in which grieving citizens can write their names.

The Queen's body will first be laid out in Holyroodhouse, according to The Herald, after which her coffin will be taken to St Giles Cathedral. Eventually he is taken to London by train from Waverley station in Edinburgh. The Queen's funeral will take place there in a week and a half.

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