How the CSU in Bavaria occupies the term homeland

How the CSU in Bavaria occupies the term homeland

Dhe term “home strategy” of the Bavarian state government means above all the promotion of formerly structurally weak regions in the Free State, for example through the relocation of authorities. If you look at how positively Upper Franconia or Lower Bavaria have developed, you can attest to the success of the state government’s efforts.

The strategy also serves her to occupy the term “home”, especially in the year of the state elections. That could be studied on Wednesday in the Munich Residenz when the results of the “Future Dialogue Home.Bavaria” were presented. Last year they could Bavaria name future topics and make suggestions in a survey, an “online participation portal” and in regional conferences. This was followed by an entrepreneurial and a youth dialogue.

The basic sound of the event, which was accompanied by the “Würmtaler Musikanten”, was provided at the beginning by a short film – over ninety percent of the people liked living in Bavaria – as well as the Prime Minister and the CSU chairman Markus Soder: “Bavaria is a special country of home. We’re not perfect, but we’re closer than others.” Most people in the world equated the Germans with Bayern. “What a great image advantage for Germany.”

A sense of home, climate protection and urban development are given priority

The home team, which Söder presented, did not include a member of the government of the Free Voters, who also feel firm on the subject. But the CSU ministers Albert Füracker (finance and homeland) and Michaela Kaniber, who was advertised by Söder with the attributes “passion and agriculture”.

When Kaniber said “thank you” to “many, many people” who “in the Ministry of the Environment…”, she immediately noticed the mistake, because the Minister of the Environment is a free voter, one of the competition! Kaniber shouted, “For God’s sake, I’m about to have a heart attack!” – and corrected himself.

The two CSU ministers explained what was a priority for Bavaria. It is interesting that the “feeling at home” that the event was about was “very important”. Only afterwards did Kaniber name climate protection or urban development. “What is decisive,” said the Minister of Agriculture, “and that was very, very gratifying for us to see that the feeling of a prime minister and also of the state government was very congruent with the citizenry in many areas.”

To show that one does not rest, Kaniber and Füracker presented a package of “immediate measures”. This includes the introduction of a Bavaria-wide “home experience day” and an award for “home-related companies”.

Söder was asked how he found Bayern’s commitment. “Super.” Kaniber added, with a view to the fact that she, the woman, was given the last word: “In Bavaria, everything is just right!” Then there was “home plate” for everyone, prepared by “our country women”.

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