How our power supply can become more intelligent

What will become of the electricity price?
Image: ddp

Ingo Jeromin from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences on how our power grid works, what role renewable energy sources could play today and in the future – and how all of this can be done more “intelligently”.

Ob for heating, more data centers or electric cars: Germany will need even more electricity in the future than it already has. At the same time, the price of electricity has recently risen significantly. On the other hand, more power plants or other forms help to generate electricity and make it usable. Also important is what is commonly discussed under “intelligent networks”: How can electricity be used more efficiently and stored better?

Ingo Jeromin researches and teaches at the Darmstadt College right about it. At the same time, the electrical engineer is a member of the board of the VDE Rhein-Main. We spoke to him on site about the role of renewable energy sources, better storage, the function and structure of our electricity grid and more.

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