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“Leopard 2”


When will the tanks be delivered?

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"leopard 2": When will the federal government agree to the delivery of "leopard"-tanks too?  Before a "cheetah"infantry fighting vehicle, Chancellor Olaf Scholz had his picture taken in the summer - with one "leopard 2" but not yet.

When will the federal government agree to the delivery of “Leopard” tanks? Chancellor Olaf Scholz had his picture taken in front of a “Gepard” armored personnel carrier in the summer – but not yet with a “Leopard 2”.

(Photo: Axel Heimken/AFP)

Ukraine urgently asks for heavy battle tanks. Berlin in particular is under pressure. How do Paris, London, Washington and NATO feel about this?


Peter Burghardt, Kathrin Müller-Lance, Michael Neudecker and Hubert Wetzel

In the coming week there will be new talks about military aid to the Ukraine give. Chaired by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the members of the so-called Ukraine Contact Group will meet next Friday at the US Ramstein Air Force Base in Rhineland-Palatinate. It goes without saying that this is not just about replenishing weapon systems that have already been delivered. The most sensitive issue will certainly be the possible delivery of heavy battle tanks. The governments in the contact group have not yet found a unified response to Ukraine’s urgent requests. The Germans in particular are under pressure. Here is the status of the most important partners:

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