How Markus Söder reinvented himself for the state elections – politics

The Bavarian Prime Minister leaves no beer keg untapped, no greeting word indignant, because he is practicing for a new role: he has to defend himself and his office. On an excursion with someone who is wondering if it still works.


Roman Deininger, Andrew Glass and John OselNuremberg/Trudering/Tengling/Munich

Markus Söder has been in politics for almost forty years, it goes without saying that he has gained a stable self-confidence during this time. He’s also come a long way, to become CSU boss, Bavarian prime minister and – for a fleeting moment – a man who could be chancellor. Nevertheless, Söder, 55, is on his own as a researcher this summer, groping and, if I’m not mistaken, even a little afraid. He leaves no keg of beer untapped and no word of greeting impatient. Above all, there is one question that seems to haunt him on his excursions through the Free State: Am I still functioning?

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