How Germany once again lost a lot of money

How Germany once again lost a lot of money

Björn von Siemens, 40, in the showroom of his company Caresyntax in Berlin
Image: Jens Gyarmaty

Björn von Siemens celebrates successes with his company. It’s a shame that so little of it gets stuck in Germany. Investors lacked courage here.

EA big name and a big goal, that’s how this story could be summed up. A scion from the best-known German family of industrialists sets out with his chic new company to bring state-of-the-art technology to the operating theaters of the world to the benefit of surgeons and patients and also to earn a lot of money with it. Except that for this smooth summary, the barb that makes the story questionable from a German point of view would have to be ignored. Because Björn von Siemensa graduate of renowned universities, who became one of the founders after working for well-known management consultancies, does not make it through to a crucial position in his home country of all places.

Sebastian Balzter

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

This does not mean the clinics and doctors who, as potential customers, naturally want to be convinced of the business model in the first place. Caresyntax, as the company is called, which Björn von Siemens founded with his partners in 2013, can refer to a long-term partnership with the Berlin Charité, the largest hospital in the republic. What is meant are the financiers, without whom a hopeful startup can hardly grow into a company of international stature – and who, in the event of success, can earn a respectable return on their efforts.

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