How Dennis Schröder changed his image

In the spotlight: Dennis Schroeder
Image: EPA

The Germans are dependent on Dennis Schröder at the European Basketball Championships - but he needed himself most of all. The story of someone who is in the process of changing his image.

Man is certainly not guilty of betraying a secret by saying that Dennis Schroeder, the captain of the German national basketball team, wants to be the center of attention. That's his position. He plays as a point guard. That means: he is the one who always has the ball in his hands, who is supposed to do the decisive things in the decisive moments of a game.

With his great gift, his speed, he made it from the Prinzenpark in Braunschweig to the top of his sport: to North America NBA. And when he plays for Germany, like this summer, he is the center of attention because there was no German point guard before or after him who was able to assert himself in the best basketball league in the world.

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