Households, traffic lights and emergency call affected by power failure

The power went out in Baden-Württemberg.
Image: dpa

Around 10,000 people are currently without electricity. The city of Baden-Baden asks that all devices that are currently not urgently needed be disconnected from the power supply.

In Baden-Baden there has been a large-scale since shortly before midnight Power failure. Among other things, the emergency call and traffic lights failed, as the city of Baden-Baden announced on Wednesday morning. About 10,000 people are without power. Parts of the city center, Lichtental, Geroldsau, Malschbach, Müllenbach and Ebersteinburg are affected.

“It is important that all devices that are currently not urgently needed are disconnected from the power supply,” said a spokesman for the city of Baden-Baden. In addition, the city has seven locations with the help of the fire department Contact points set up, as well as the SWR reported. Five vehicles are to make loudspeaker announcements in the districts concerned.

Most of the faults have now been localized, the district of Ebersteinburg has electricity again, report the “Badische Latest News” on Wednesday morning, citing the city. According to the report, the fire brigade had to free a person from an elevator and move out to several fire alarm systems because of the fire power outage raised an alarm. According to the SWR Baden-Württemberg should be fixed around noon.

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