House search in Leipzig: police shoot 36-year-olds

On Wednesday, officers in Leipzig killed a man suspected of having previously committed a robbery. Many details are still unclear.

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Symbolic picture: It is not known which units of the Leipzig police were involved in the operation Photo: Imago

LEIPZIG taz | After police officers killed a 36-year-old during a search of his apartment in Leipzig on Wednesday, the public prosecutor's office is investigating one or more officers involved. Leipzig's chief public prosecutor Ricardo Schulz announced on Thursday that investigations were being carried out because of the initial suspicion of a homicide. The person killed is a man suspected of having committed a robbery at a convenience store earlier that day.

During the house search ordered by the judge in the Paunsdorf district of Leipzig, there was said to have been a “threatening operational situation”, during which the officers shot the man the police in Leipzig With; no one wants to comment on further details of the mission. The man was seriously injured and died in hospital that evening.

According to the public prosecutor, officers from the Leipzig police department were involved in the operation, and responsibility was therefore passed to the Dresden Police Headquarters transferred "in order to ensure the highest level of objectivity," said senior public prosecutor Ricardo Schulz. The investigations by the Leipzig public prosecutor's office are ongoing: whether the man resisted during the house search, whether he was armed, who shot and how often is still being determined, the forensics team was in the apartment on Wednesday evening.

It is not known which police units of the Leipzig police headquarters were involved in the operation. A special task force was not involved, according to senior public prosecutor Schulz. The details of the robbery allegation are also unclear, for example whether a weapon was involved in the supermarket robbery or whether violence was only threatened.

The public prosecutor's office does not want to comment on the clues that led to the suspicion of the 36-year-old, with reference to the ongoing investigations. An autopsy was ordered for Thursday to determine the cause of death and the number of gunshot wounds. More insights are expected throughout the day.

The case is in a string of deaths in police operations in recent weeks. On August 3, 48-year-old Cologne resident Josef B. was shot dead during an eviction. A few days later, on August 8, 16-year-old Mouhamed D. died from a police shot in Dortmund. The North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament is now dealing with the incident. A week later, on August 15, a 23-year-old was shot in the head during a police operation in Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel: he is said to have threatened sex workers.

Not only the accumulation of cases, but also their circumstances raise questions as to whether all mild resources are exhausted in police operations before the use of firearms. After the deadly shots in Leipzig on Thursday, the Saxon Left MP Juliane Nagel demanded: "This must be clarified! Milder means than firearms must be in there.”

Updated on 09/08/2022 at 15:00.

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