Hostage-takers arrested in Karlsruhe pharmacy

Hostage-takers arrested in Karlsruhe pharmacy

ABreathe a sigh of relief in the fan-shaped city: the police in Karlsruhe arrested a suspect after a hostage-taking – almost five hours after the crime began. A police spokesman for the FAZ confirmed that the surrounding apartments in the house were still being searched. According to the police, the people whom the man had taken into his power are unharmed.

on one live stream The Reuters news agency was able to see that the police entered the pharmacy in the evening. According to their own statements, a special unit entered the building at 9:10 p.m. “A male suspect was arrested in the process,” says the police.

The “Stuttgart News“ previously reported that it was an “unknown perpetrator” who had taken two people into his power and demanded a ransom of seven million euros for their release. According to the newspaper, the hostage-taker was said to have been armed with a firearm. According to the police, they were in contact with the hostage-taker. You have contact “into the pharmacy,” said a police spokesman before the arrest.

According to the newspaper “Baden Latest News“The police were notified at around 4.45 p.m., the hostage-taking apparently began at around 4.30 p.m. The emergency call probably came directly from the pharmacy. In the meantime, 15 ambulances and other emergency vehicles from the fire brigade were on site. Special forces were also called in.

Raid just a few weeks ago

The pharmacy is located on Ettlinger Strasse in the city centre. The affected area near the fairground was cordoned off over a large area. The pharmacy was only attacked in January: According to dpa, a masked robber got into the personnel area, threatened an employee with a saw-like tool and fled with a liter of methadone. A few days later, a suspect was identified in this case. He was arrested.

There was no danger to the population, said police spokesman Kai Lampe. Residents were asked to avoid staying in the operation room. Major events on the fairground were canceled for the evening.

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