Hong Kong - quarantine obligation ends - politics

Ended after two and a half years Hong Kong its quarantine obligation upon entry. Arrivers only have to monitor their health for three days from Monday and cannot go to restaurants or bars during this time, Hong Kong media reported on Friday. After a negative test on the fourth day, they get a blue code in the Corona app and can use it to move around freely. Another test is scheduled for the sixth day. In the future, an antigen test can be carried out within 24 hours before departure for Hong Kong - instead of the previously required PCR test within 48 hours. Travelers are tested again at the airport, but no longer have to wait for the result. Tourists can therefore stay in any hotel. In China, which remains on a zero-Covid strategy, seven days in a quarantine hotel are currently required upon arrival, followed by three days of medical observation or, in some places, further isolation.

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