Hesse wants to get through the crisis with higher taxes

Dhessian governing coalition intends to spend large sums of money on new jobs and higher salaries for state employees over the next two years with significantly increasing tax revenues. The draft for the double budget for 2023 and 2024 does not yet take into account the financial consequences resulting from the third relief package, which the Prime Ministers will negotiate with the Federal Chancellor on Wednesday next week.

In Wiesbaden, an additional requirement of around one billion euros per year is calculated. The annual budget is in the order of 34 billion euros. The expected additional burdens result primarily from the tax relief planned by the traffic light government in Berlin, the planned expansion of housing benefits, the financing of local public transport and the expenses for refugee aid.

New posts for judges and prosecutors

The federal government must stand by the financial commitments it has already made, demanded Prime Minister Boris Rhein (CDU) when he presented the draft budget on Friday together with the Ministers for Economics and Finance, Tarek Al-Wazir (Die Grünen) and Michael Boddenberg (CDU), presented.

According to this, a total of 100 new positions for judges and public prosecutors are to be created. In his capacity as President of the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court, the current Minister of Justice, Roman Poseck (CDU) spoke of 200 missing judge positions, but added that politicians would probably not be able to make them available in the short term. Another 377 positions for judicial officials such as magistrates, bailiffs and constables are planned in the draft budget.

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