Hesse supports queer couples in fertility treatment

Hesse supports queer couples in fertility treatment

Lesbian couples in Hesse have been supported in fertility treatment for four years.
Image: dpa

For the past four years, lesbian couples have been financially supported if they involuntarily remain childless. From 2023 onwards, couples in which one partner is transgender can also receive funding.

Hessen will also support queer couples who want to have children. From 2023, same-sex lesbian couples can receive state funding for treatment if they are childless due to illness. Also supported Hesse according to its own information, it is the first federal state to have couples in which one partner is transgender, as announced by the Ministry of Social Affairs. “In Hesse, we support families regardless of their constellation,” said Minister of Social Affairs Kai Klose (Die Grünen). Unwanted childlessness can be very stressful.

According to statistics, about every tenth couple is unintentionally childless. Health insurance companies cover part of the costs for the first three attempts at fertility treatment. Hessen is supporting a fourth attempt with the funding program. The state has been funding fertility treatments since 2018 – so far only for heterosexual couples. Money has been approved in 800 cases so far.

Heterosexual couples can be reimbursed up to 3300 euros for treatment costs, same-sex couples up to 2200 euros. The higher funding amount is due to the fact that the federal government is also co-financing.

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