Herrsching's first division volleyball player: seven additions and a new coach - sport

Monarchs are currently a present topic. Unlike in the United Kingdom, however, there is no change in this position at WWK Volleys Herrsching for the coming Bundesliga season. The king of Ammersee, for whom the club is better known in some places than for his team, according to his new managing director Max Hauser, was one of the few constants in an eventful summer. Apart from that, “almost everything is new,” said Hauser last Saturday at the team presentation, adding: “Basically, we have a restart me very much."

Seven new players, including winger Thiago Vanole Nogueira Silva, the first Brazilian in Herrsching, and the new permanent venue in Munich's Audi Dome are just two of these changes. Possibly the most central role in the restructuring is played by Hauser himself. The 38-year-old, who led the team from the lowlands of the hobby leagues to the first Bundesliga and had been head coach there since 2014, took over the management of the retired Fritz Frömming in March - and put himself in the sporting area as the first official act second limb. He prophylactically apologized to his new line manager on Saturday. Thomas Ranner has "the hardest job in the world with me as an assistant coach," he joked.

If you believe Ranner, whom everyone in the volleyball scene knows by the first name Bob, the cooperation is obviously reasonable. "We're still sitting together a lot at the moment and I'm enjoying that a lot," said the 35-year-old. Ranner emphasized that it had been planned from the start to further involve Hauser in the sporting area, "to lose his knowledge and his sporting skills even though he is in the club would be crazy". Hauser said he was looking forward to being able to spend more time "making players better individually" in the future, and he hoped "that we complement each other there". Ranner remains assistant coach of the German national team. In the same position he had been under contract for two years at VfB Friedrichshafen.

The four-year plan is to "knock at the top and maybe play the Champions League"

The offer from Herrsching made him proud, "Max built it up here with many others, and if he hands over the part he liked to do to someone and that's me, I'll take that as a compliment." Ranner also ended his playing career in Herrsching in 2015, which was characterized by numerous injuries, some of them serious, but then initially focused on studying law. Initially, his coaching work served to finance his studies, until it took up more and more time and importance and the Munich resident finally realized "that I don't want to be a lawyer, I want to be a coach".

While Hauser stated that his medium-term goal for the next four years was "to knock at the top and maybe play the Champions League", expectations for the coming season in a men's league that has shrunk again are initially difficult to put into words. "This year will be a grab bag," he said. The league, which after the exclusion of Frankfurt consists of only eight teams and VCO Berlin, is extremely balanced, which means "that you can be very successful very quickly, but you can also lose a lot of games in a row very quickly". Ranner will now think about that, because Hauser is currently organizing shuttle buses and local ticket sales in Herrsching for the home game days in Munich, so that there is a second constant besides the king: the encouragement of the fans.

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