Hero of the handwriting – sports

What is actually from the Germany and Spain conqueror Japan become? The team was last seen at this World Cup after losing the penalty shoot-out against Croatia in the round of 16. And now? Have the players been weighed in gold in Tokyo for their surprise group wins? Or, on the contrary, sent to the punishment training camp on the Senkaku Islands because of the missed quarterfinals?

Both wrong. The people in Japan were neither angry nor enthusiastic after the World Cup. The team was greeted by around 650 fans at Narita Airport on Wednesday, which is certainly not a record. In Tokyo, most of them had other things to do than dancing in love around their favorite round of 16. Apart from the hard fan circles, only the large stationery manufacturer Kokuyo from Osaka was enchanted. With good reason, of course.

The company has been in business for 117 years and the computer age can’t be fun for them. Compared to the Internet-enabled tablet, the notebook has a few disadvantages. The joy in the company was all the greater when the field edge routine of the Japan trainer Hajime Moriyasu was noticed at the World Cup. Moriyasu kept making notes in a book – allegedly in a Kokuyo product from the “Campus” line, size B6 with 6 millimeter lines. According to the newspaper Asahi it is known in the company that Moriyasu often uses such a notebook; The World Cup photos do not show whether Moriyasu is describing the goods in question or a laundry label.

Free advertising is worth a lot. Kokuyo is “really happy” – after all the hardships, as a spokesman explained: “Due to digitization, people have fewer and fewer opportunities to write in a notebook.” Football as an opportunity for paper – and paper as an opportunity for football, that’s what the speaker wanted to say: “We believe that Moriyasu felt the power of the notebook.” Clear.

Everyone makes their own out of a World Cup like this. Hair dyers feel confirmed by the proportion of blondes in the Nippon team. Psychologists see a gap in the market for the care of Japanese penalty shooters. And Hajime Moriyasu is now the hero of the manuscript. At least until a tablet manufacturer comes along and gives him a sponsorship deal.

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