Herfried Münkler in an interview about the Ukraine war – culture

Political scientist Herfried Münkler on the long-term consequences of the war, the delicate task of winning peace on both sides and Germany’s new military role.

Interviewed by

Moritz Baumsteiger

The Berlin political scientist Herfried Münkler (71) has in his research, among other things, with Machiavelli, the story of war and empires – and has been one of the voices declaring war on the Germans since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Münkler is currently on a kind of opening tour: On Sunday he gave the introductory lecture at the Literature Days at Schloss Elmau, where writers and historians spent a week tracing the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While the first snow is falling outside, the professor emeritus for political theory at Humboldt University takes a look at the global changes in the course of the war – and the possibilities of ending it. He will also talk about them this Wednesday evening when he gives the opening speech at the Buch Fair in Vienna.

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