Hellmann denounces fans when Fischer is re-elected

Aat the general meeting of Eintracht Frankfurt Axel Hellman the spectator riots at the Champions League game in Marseille heavily criticized, as well as the misconduct of the Frankfurt supporters. The “fire” from the Marseille fan block was more intense. But “we mustn’t ask ourselves what was worse,” said the spokesman for the board of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG on Monday evening.

“I don’t want one Eintracht block to shoot at other blocks. We’re talking about violence and criminal energy here – and not about fan culture,” Hellmann added.

Hellmann: “An absurd mistake”

He posed the question: “Does it have to be the first death before there is a rethinking?” If shooting down pyrotechnics is the future, “we are on an absurd wrong path,” emphasized Hellmann. It is also clear that the supposed supporters who showed the Hitler salute have no place in the stands of Eintracht. “It’s clear that we don’t want people like that with us. That doesn’t have to be said here,” emphasized the spokesman for the board.

Last week, the European football union UEFA fined the Hessian Bundesliga club a total of 45,000 euros for the incidents on September 13 in Marseille. In addition, Eintracht was imposed two suspension penalties for a period of one year: a partial closure of at least 1000 places at the next European Cup home game and a fan exclusion at an away game.

The processing of the incidents is not yet over. “We are a fan-friendly club and want to be and remain so in the future,” said President Peter Fischer, who was re-elected in the evening with a large majority. “We have a pyro paragraph and clear guidelines in the club. We want to celebrate the Champions League without excluding spectators and penalties.”

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