Hedrik Wüst threatens to say no to the Federal Council when it comes to the relief package

Hendrik Wüst on September 7th in the German Bundestag in Berlin
Image: Imago

If there are no more changes to the relief package, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister wants to go to the mediation committee. There were no answers on the topics of medium-sized companies, the economy and energy prices.

NPrime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wust threatens the federal government with a mediation procedure for the relief package if there are no changes. “This is where the countries get down to business,” said the CDU politician, who currently heads the Prime Ministers’ Conference, on Wednesday at an event hosted by the news portal “The Pioneer” in Düsseldorf. There is no answer on the subject of medium-sized companies, the economy and energy prices. “If necessary, we go to the mediation committee.”

This body of the Bundestag and Federal Council should find a consensus if laws passed by the Bundestag do not find a majority in the state chamber. The relief package decided by the coalition committee of the traffic light parties is intended to help low earners in particular to cope with the high energy prices.

Wüst criticized that it was not okay that more than 30 billion euros were tax-financed from this package and that it was automatically assumed that the countries would participate. “The federal government has not spoken to any of us.” He had perceived the desire of many to convene a prime minister’s conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). An appointment with the federal government is currently being coordinated for this.

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