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Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck explained that it is very important to save significantly more gas.

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Berlin To save energy From September, public buildings should generally only be heated to a maximum of 19 degrees. The federal cabinet passed a corresponding regulation on Wednesday in Berlin. Until now, the recommended minimum temperature for offices was 20 degrees. Transit areas such as corridors, foyers or technical rooms should normally no longer be heated. These and a number of other requirements are to apply for six months.

It is also planned to stop lighting buildings and monuments for purely aesthetic or representative reasons. Illuminated advertising systems should also be switched off overnight.

There are also restrictions on private individuals: they are allowed to use their pools no more gas and heat electricity. Provisions in rental contracts about a certain minimum temperature are temporarily suspended. At latest at the beginning of the heating season, gas suppliers must and owners of larger residential buildings inform customers or tenants about the expected energy consumption, the associated costs and potential savings.

“The federal government is consistently pursuing its policy of becoming independent of Russian energy supplies,” said Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens). It is very important to save significantly more gas – in public administration, in companies and in as many private households as possible. “We are facing a national effort, and it requires a strong interaction between the state, business and society, between the federal government, states, municipalities, social partners, trade unions, trade and associations as well as civil society. Every contribution counts,” he emphasized.

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Another regulation, which the cabinet also passed on Wednesday, still needs the approval of the Federal Council and is to apply for two years from October. Among other things, it provides for mandatory annual heating inspections for buildings with gas heating.

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