“Harry & Meghan”: Documentary has more viewers than “The Crown”

“Harry & Meghan”: Documentary has more viewers than “The Crown”

“Harry & Megan”
Documentary has more viewers than “The Crown”

Scene from the Netflix documentary "Harry & Megan".

Scene from the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan”.


“Harry & Meghan” is a Netflix hit. The documentary initially attracted more viewers in the UK than the hit series The Crown.

Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) even overshadow the hit series “The Crown” with their Netflix documentary. According to media reports, 2.4 million people in Great Britain saw “Harry & Meghan” on the streaming service on the first day of publication (December 8, 2022). For comparison: The first episode of the fifth season of the royal series “The Crown” watched “only” 1.1 million viewers on November 9th.

On December 8th, Netflix released the first three parts of “Harry & meghan” released in one go. Part 2 was still followed by 1.5 million people that day. Part 3 attracted another 800,000.

The audience figures come from the private TV ratings agency Barb. Netflix joined the rating agency in October. As a result of the cooperation, viewership figures for Netflix programs in Great Britain have been published since November.

2.4 million only via the TV set

However, Barb only records viewers who switched on Netflix on their TV. The service does not record laptops, tablets and smartphones. So it can be assumed that the numbers for “Harry & Meghan” are significantly higher.

Netflix has not yet published its own figures on the success of the Royal documentary. On December 15th, the next three new episodes of the documentary will continue on Netflix.


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