Harley-Davidson's new ST models

Wowing as a gray flotilla, we roll along the winding streets of the Hunsrück, it looks like a shore excursion by the naval forces. No wonder the name of the color our three machines are painted in is Gunship Grey.

Two heavy cruisers and one frigate in Gunboat Gray. All three models are also available in a friendly black, which is probably the color most customers will go for - black always works - but we're happy with Gunship Grey. The three machines are grey, but none of them is a gray mouse. It's more like an elephant.

New in the motorcycle manufacturer's range Harley Davidson are three models that bear the abbreviation ST. A common feature apart from the range of colors is the idea of ​​giving the Grand American Touring a sporty touch, as far as the technical basis allows. The big Harleys are massive and accordingly not the lightest thing on two wheels.

The Street Glide ST, recognizable by its bat-shaped disguise, weighs 369 kilograms ready to drive, according to the factory information, its sister model Road Glide ST, license plate shark front, 382 kilograms. Both are technically largely identical and come from the high-end touring platform. One floor below is the Low Rider ST in the Softail series. Harley-Davidson's cruisers cavort there, with the Low Rider ST filling the gray area between cruiser and tourer with its narrow side cases, the fairing built into the frame and a reasonably moderate 327 kilos.

A whole new Harley feeling

So when the Motor Company speaks of "sport touring" in connection with these weighty graces, it makes people smile outside of the Harley cosmos. But there is actually something to it, as it turned out on this day in the Hunsrück: For an ST, an approaching curve is not primarily a difficult task that has to be mastered, but a friend.

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