Hansi Flick and the nomination of the World Cup squad

fpitcher? idol? moukoko? bumble bees It has been a long time since squad issues were discussed before a major tournament with as much relish as before this World Cup. And, as one may add, not so confidently moderated. if Hansi Flick announces his first squad as national coach this Thursday on the DFB campus in Frankfurt, he has already accomplished a small feat.

Keeping all the balls in the air until the end and thus keeping the competitive pressure high is no small achievement: compared to the players, especially those like Mario Götze and Mats Hummels, who have a certain gravitas due to their careers, and also towards the (media) public, which follows such a process and every statement by the national coach with a certain attraction to friction. Thanks to his distinctive talent as a communicator, which he brought into play both internally and externally, Flick as a coach is something that ultimately could no longer be said of his predecessor: free in every respect.

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