Handball World Cup: Head of the association about the DHB team: Likeable and approachable

Handball World Cup
Association boss about the DHB team: Likeable and approachable

Association head Andreas Michelmann enjoys the performance of the German handball players.  Photo: David Hutzler/German Press Agency G

Association head Andreas Michelmann enjoys the performance of the German handball players. photo

© David Hutzler/German Press Agency GmbH/dpa

The previous World Cup performances of the German handball players also inspire the president of the association, who draws a positive interim balance before the hot phase of the tournament.

DHB-Boss Andreas Michelmann gave the German handball players a brilliant World Cup certificate before the trend-setting main round game against the Netherlands.

“So far it’s been a refreshing performance that’s really fun, not just in terms of the results. Our national team is also likeable, approachable, as a unit outside of it,” said Michelman in an interview by the “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland”.

The team of national coach Alfred Gislason can win against the Netherlands in the evening (8.30 p.m. / ZDF) in Katowice, they made it into the quarterfinals prematurely. According to Michelmann, such a success could also have a positive effect on the European Championships next year.

“With a view to the home EM 2024, the World Cup is of particular importance. Because then we want to show what our handball is capable of – with full arenas and sporting success in order to advertise our sport as much as possible,” emphasized the 63rd years old President of the German Handball Federation.

Previous appearances at the World Cup have already significantly increased interest in handball at home. “More than 20,000 tickets have already been sold for our world record game at the opening in the Düsseldorf football stadium, where we are expecting 50,000 spectators. We are also in good spirits for the Munich, Mannheim, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg locations,” said Michelmann.

A good performance at the World Cup finals in Poland and Sweden could also have positive effects in the medium term. “We are a sport that lives from sporting success. It’s not about experiences, it’s about results,” said Michelmann in an interview with “Kieler Nachrichten”. “Our best advertisement is always the sporting success of the national team.”

In order to remain internationally competitive among men in the future, it is “now a matter of developing the top talent for the 30s,” demanded Michelmann and added: “In the past few years we have already established that we were very good at developing good players but not very good at developing very good players.”


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