Handball World Cup 2023: The German squad at a glance

The German national team made it surprisingly easily into the main round of the World Cup. Who are these players, some of whom are little known, and what drives them? A squad tour before the main round.


Carsten Schele and Ralph ToegelKatowice

It’s like so often in January: football is paused, people have time to devote themselves to other sports – suddenly a few handball players appear who are sympathetic, play fast sports and win dramatic games. After the opening win against Qatar, more than six million television viewers witnessed the thriller against Serbia, which pushed the team into the main round early; So far ahead of the jungle camp in terms of quota, and within reach of the crime scene crime thriller. Ascending trend. Who are these guys who have represented Germany so well at the World Cup so far? And who has done how well so far?

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