Habeck – Two Chinese takeovers prohibited – Economy

In two cases, the Federal Cabinet has prohibited Chinese companies from investing in German companies. Economy Minister said so Robert Habeck on Wednesday in Berlin. On the one hand, it is about the sale of a chip production facility from the Dortmund company Elmos to a Chinese investor. According to Habeck, Elmos made this public. The other case is subject to the company’s trade secrets, so it cannot go into details. That Handelsblatt had reported that the federal government wanted to prohibit the acquisition of the Bavaria-based company ERS Electronic by a Chinese investor. ERS Electronic is a global company in the semiconductor equipment industry. Habeck said Germany is an open market economy and foreign investments are welcome. “But an open market economy is not a naive market economy.” China is and should remain a trading partner. But one sees a conscious strategic approach, especially in the area of ​​semiconductors and microchip production. Trade and power interests could be used for power politics and possibly against the interests of the Federal Republic. In addition, foreign trade law is a very sharp sword. “And we will continue to sharpen it in the future,” says Habeck. Dependencies must be reduced in certain critical sectors.

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