Habeck is considering a state guarantee for orders for green electricity projects

ZThe Federal Minister of Economics is considering accelerating the expansion of green electricity Robert Habeck also state guarantees for the solar or wind industry. The guarantees can be used to build a bridge if approvals take longer, said the Green politician on Monday after a meeting with the industry.

This brought the proposal into the conversation, since only the approvals triggered the orders, which then led to production. Hence the idea that the companies would order although they had not yet received the bid and the state would secure this. “I find a proposal that has a lot of charm.” This could prevent industry from migrating now and jobs being lost that would be particularly needed by 2024 at the latest. This model will be legally examined in the coming weeks.

Germany wants to triple the pace of expanding renewable energies. In addition, the solar and wind industry is to remain in Europe or return there. From Habeck’s point of view, this has become even more urgent with the US program “Inflation Reduction Act”. The USA also want to massively promote the expansion of green electricity with the law, but combine this with obligations to invest in the USA. Germany and other European countries fear that European companies will therefore focus more on this market and invest there. The US program makes sense for the climate, but in terms of industrial policy it is a challenge to which the Europeans have to give an answer, said Habeck.

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